Challenger Chronicles Part III Feat. Attorney Stacey S. Jackson


Today marks exactly six days until Election Day! All the candidates are making efforts to leave a last good impression on voters, especially Attorney Stacey S. Jackson. In the last month or so, he significantly disappeared amongst the crazy campaign frenzy, but has resurfaced more determined and passionate than ever before. I can confidently say since my last update that Stacey Jackson really stepped up his game. He definitely waited into the final stretch to actively start participating in the somewhat slow race.

To backtrack, Stacey S. Jackson is a criminal defense attorney out of Columbus, Georgia who is running for District 137 house seat that covers part of Muscogee county, Talbot County, Merriweather County and  Harris County. Which in the last two weeks have all been visited by him. Stacey was everywhere from Chic- fil- A meet and greets, roadside campaigns, high school homecomings, and community picnics. Basically everything he could fit into his schedule! The most prominent event he attended would probably be a Columbus Coffee Caucus, by the Chamber of Commerce which was in also attended by fellow running mate Debbie Buckner and a feature in the Columbus Ledger Enquirer newspaper.

Although Stacey seemed actively involved towards the end of his campaign his efforts in a possible chance of winning almost are futile because he still is measured as being greatly behind in most polls. But, there is still one week left.



  1. annajustice14 · October 29, 2014

    Sharifa, that’s good news that your candidate has stepped up and started participating more! Even if it’s not enough for him to win the election, it still reminds me of some points we discussed in class. That oftentimes in the last stretch, candidates will use their saved up money for intense advertisements and outreach. It seems your candidate is using this tactic.

  2. campbellken · November 1, 2014

    Looks like Jackson has his work cut out for him, let’s see if he up to the challenge of coming out strong despite the fact he is behind in many of the polls.

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