Challenger Chronicles Part IV Feat. Attorney Stacey S. Jackson


As predicted, Democrat Debbie Buckner won the Georgia House District 137 seat. This will be Buckner’s final term allowed to serve. However, although Republican candidate Stacey Jackson lost, he did do much better than I expected, with turn out and votes from his supporters. Buckner had a total of 9,132 votes to Jackson’s 5,033 at earliest tally.

Following the final election decision, Jackson took to Facebook to post a short concession letter to his supporters that stated, “We’ve come to the end of a long and eventful journey, and it is with sadness, but very little regret, that I concede this election to my opponent Debbie Buckner. It is natural to feel disappointed after such a committed fight, yet I am proud that we fought as hard as we did. I wish the outcome were different, but I am deeply grateful and indebted to all the people who sacrificed their time and energies to assist in this campaign. Thanks to each and every one of you for your vote, your words of encouragement, your time, and mostly-your friendship.”

He was encouraged by many of his supporters to pursue another position in the future. He was unsure if he’d make another bid for election, noting that politics is “fluid” or ever changing, and he more than once has made the short list of nominees for judgeships, and may again.


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