Security Breach at the White House…. Again!


A security breach at the white house seems unthinkable. But just weeks shy of a man caught sneaking through the White House hallways carrying a concealed weapon which ultimately resulted in the resignation of Secret Service Director, Julia Pierson. Wednesday, Ocotober 22, a man jumped over the White House fence. But this time, the man barely made it onto the lawn before being taken down by a K-9 and quickly detained by a dog and Secret Service agents. Thankfully, he was unarmed at the time of his arrest.

This trend of intruders have been a trend in 2014. Leading many to be disappointed in the level of accuracy the Secret Service has been projecting at keeping our Chief Executive “safe.” They are definitely  paying the price for the inexcusably huge mishaps on social media with the public.

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Every Vote Counts

Pro-Voting Female Demonstrators

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”  – Alexander Hamilton

The U.S. Census Bureau reported that in 2008 the 2008 Presidential Election, voter turnout increased by 5 million with a total of 131 million people reported to have voted. An even more interesting fact is that the data shows that a significant amount of the increase pertained to newly registered Hispanic and young black voters.

It is a common reality that far too many minority voters in our country do not regularly, or at all vote. But this has been changing in the past few elections. With that being said, this past week, huge national controversy sparked when over 40,000 voter registration applications from Georgia seemingly went missing. It’s one thing to misplace your keys, your wallet, or your favorite pen, but Georgia’s Secretary of state can not seem to account for the thousands of voter registration applications that coincidentally would enfranchise predominately black and Hispanic Georgians.

To make the story even nastier, In September, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp publicly expressed concern that too many minority voters were registering to vote. And with just one week away from the early voting, this just seems to be another act of voter suppression. Not all that long ago did minorities get the privilege to vote at all! 1965 people!

No matter where your political affiliations and morals lie, especially for minorities in particular, educate yourself on the candidates and issues and get out there and vote! No matter if it’s the local, statewide or national level. People died so you could. So for anybody who thinks it is meaningless to vote.. here are some good reasons why:

1) If we don’t vote we are basically telling our politicians that we don’t care what they do and that is a very dangerous thing to tell them.

2) If you don’t exercise the right to vote, you’ll be a hypocrite when you complain about politics.

3) If you are not satisfied with any candidate still you can exercise “None of the above” options.

4) 10 mins of your time = 4,6,or even 10 years of good governance.

Ebola Panic in the U.S.


“Right now, two-thirds of Americans are suffering from “Fear-bola,” according to a new Washington Post poll. It’s a hyper-contagious disease that affects the brain, making sufferers fear a widespread Ebola outbreak in the United States. Fear-bola is an airborne disease that spreads through conversation, entering your brain through your ears. Fear-bola is so contagious that some victims have contracted it by simply seeing images and videos about Ebola. Once inside your body, Fear-bola attacks the part of the brain responsible for rational thinking. It starts with a low-grade concern about the two health care workers diagnosed with Ebola in Dallas and slowly builds into fear of a widespread epidemic in the United States. Almost half of the people affected by Fear-bola are also “very” or “somewhat” worried they themselves will catch the virus.” Fear-bola is dangerous because it leads to confused decision-making and illusions. People who favor travel bans, for example, suffer from Fear-bola. Anyone convinced Ebola is an airborne virus is suffering from the disease. If the news that a second health care worker in Dallas diagnosed with Ebola made you think you’re in a real-life “Contagion” or “Outbreak” movie, you suffer from Fear-bola.” – Mel Robbins at CNN

The fear of Ebola is rapidly sweeping the across the nation, especially as more and more people are being diagnosed and dying here in our own country. Although the excerpt of “fearbola” is a bit humorous, this is a serious epidemic that has left thousands of people dead. As of right now there is no cure or vaccine that can eradicate it or treat it successfully. Each case is evaluated on its own – some people survive and others don’t.

Four weeks ago President Obama said that the chances of an Ebola outbreak here in the Unites States was extremely low and unlikely. Today, Obama sought to ease growing anxiety in the US, as a second nurse was diagnosed with Ebola and two citizens have died and a dog is isolated on a naval base thought to have the disease. The president said he has directed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to step up its response to new cases.

These efforts by the President are meant to relieve the overall public opinion the disease has been harboring American citizens’s minds.

Mixing Politics & Hollywood


Ronald Reagan is known famously for his transition from old Hollywood movie star to Leader of the Free world in the 1980’s. While Arnold Schwarzenegger transformed from Terminator into California Governor. Is George Clooney following suit?

It’s no secret that the A-list actor may one day be planning a move to the great oval office himself one day. He seems to have one of the most charitable hearts in Hollywood. Throughout his life George has prominently and publicly been involved with and supported numerous charities.

As far as image pertains, you can’t deny his striking good looks, charisma, and interpersonal skills. He also has recently been schmoozing his way into the Political arena becoming close friends with people like President Obama, among other names. The odds of Presidency just doubled too.. making himself even more credible for the part, Clooney just married married prominent international human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin. Clooney’s political package is now complete with the  beautiful, smart and diverse partner that resembles back to the political dynamic duo of President John F Kennedy and Jackie Onassis.

Although image and likability plays a huge role in campaigns and elections, do you think Clooney would actually be adequate for the job? What do you think?

Challenger Chronicles Part II Feat. Attorney Stacey S. Jackson


Twenty-eight days have passed since my first initial post about the 137th District House seat elections between Democratic candidate Debbie Buckner and Republican Stacey S. Jackson. The election process is coming down to the wire, with election process down to the last stretch, you would think that both candidates are in attack mode to win the seat…NOT! While Debbie Buckner is silently relaxing in her office, Stacey Jackson is attending high school homecomings in Talbot.

Regarding Buckner, She undoubtedly is confident she will re-assume her seat come next election time. She already has been in the office nearly a decade, and this term essentially is her last time she can hold it. With fairly good ratings, support and overall approval for her job, why shouldn’t she? She has definitely has benefited from the incumbent effect up to this point… still able to hold a huge majority lead in all the polls with no advertisement!  And with a basically non-existent campaign opponent, there is nothing she needs to do!

As for Attorney Stacey Jackson, there’s no reason at all that he shouldn’t be busting his butt for this position he signed up for! Currently all the odds are against him in this election. He needs to do more than just give out hats in a chic-fil-a parking lot. He needs to really take advantage of his popularity in the city and boost up his votes!

Regarding both candidates, now is the time to start really pushing the commercials, PSA’s, banners, and publicity! We need to see you!

The final elections will be held in a little less than a month on November 4th.

Political Agenda Setting

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The aim of media setting is ‘to help’ people focus their attention in concrete issues. Therefore, they don’t say people what to think or talk, but they are telling them what to talk about. The final result is that the media decide what is important for the public, so they determine the public agenda, too. One of the challenges of agenda setting is having the media hijack an issue and either supporting or rejecting a policy without actually examining both sides of the issue. This influences the public, which then influences politicians..

Depending on what station you favor, whether it be CNN, Fox or MSNBC, they can support extremely biased viewpoints. Agenda setting also is explained as acting as an elusive method for much harder topics that may want to be avoided in news media. Sensationalism is seen in political coverage. Our reporters are focusing on debates in politics rather than information. We are caught up on the candidate rather than the political party. American news media are more obsessed than ever with the competitive aspects of the presidential campaign. Coverage of the political campaigns have been less reflective on the issues that matter to voters, and instead have primarily focused on campaign tactics and strategy.

The media has slowly been losing their authority on setting-up agendas, as the public have begun to set-up their own dialogues on social media especially through sites such as Twitter and Facebook.Whether framing is “good” or “bad” for political news, we need to realize it’s effects so we can be aware of it’s consequences. Political frames are powerful because they have the power to set agendas and ultimately sway public opinion.

Speaking to the Medium



While watching the numerous speech videos in class, we came across the recognition of the drastic change of political speeches over time through mediums. Journalism both in the past and the present, has been a mainstay in terms of its influence on a voter’s decision.  During the earlier time period in American history, the newspaper was utilized in order to create political ads as a way to demean an opponent. The use of political cartoons was an effective tool, that candidates used to vilify and detract voters from their opponent’s message.

The use of radio was important in terms of creating an atmosphere in which all Americans, regardless of their location, could listen to a candidate’s message. No other medium allowed the candidate to speak, with their own voices, to Americans directly in their homes. What this medium essentially allowed was the political figure to clearly get their point across, without the distractions of visuals. Politicians spoke in a very direct, proper manner, not personally, but to as stated before, ultimately get their point across. As we moved from radio there was of course the introduction of television.

Television at last in its inception was a unique medium used to display a candidate’s message. But unfortunately, with television came a lot of other issues, such as visuals. In this medium, politicians also spoke in a direct manner, but in a personalized manner, adapting to the medium of television.  Also, the idea was developed that speeches must be short. Ten minutes is a limit and five minutes is even better. Reagan, having a past background in acting, was able to skillfully perfect this medium.